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What is myApplication?

myApplication is a web-based tool for applicants to see the status of their Centennial College program choices. myApplication draws secure data directly from our applicant information system so you can check your status in "real time."

myApplication is not connected to Ontariocolleges.ca but we receive daily electronic information transfers from OCAS, so updates to your OCAS profile will reflect in myApplication - usually within one business day.

Who can use myApplication?

You can use myApplication if:

  1. You applied to one or more Centennial College full time programs.
  2. You applied to Centennial College at OntarioColleges.ca,


    You applied "In-house" as a previous Centennial College student, a Second Career applicant, or a HYPE applicant
  3. You applied as a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected refugee.

Is myApplication available for International applicants?

myApplication is only available to domestic applicants. If you are in Canada on a study visa, work visa, visitor visa, or as a refugee claimant, or if you reside outside of Canada and are not a Canadian Citizen/Permanent resident you should contact our International Admissions department for information about your application.

How do I log in?

New applicants: Use the secure login at the top of this page or at the top of http:// my.centennialcollege.ca. Your Username is your 9-digit Centennial College ID. (usually 300 xxx xxx). Your Password is your birthdate (MMDDYY). The first time you log in, you will be asked to set a new password.

Previous Centennial students: Simply log in to your existing myCentennial account and look for the myApplication tab.

When is myApplication available?

Access to myApplication is usually available within two (2) business days of your application at Ontariocolleges.ca or within five (5) business days of your "in-house" application.

Then it takes approximately two more days for your status to show up in myApplication. As we receive and enter new transcripts and information related to your admission file, your myApplication page will update overnight.

What will I see in myApplication?

Program Choices: a list of all programs to which you have applied at Centennial College - active or inactive - and any alternate offers of admission that we have given you.

Admission Status: whether you are eligible (met all admission requirements) or ineligible (are still missing some admission requirements) for your program.

Offer Status: beginning February 1, 2014, offer status will indicate if you have a straight or conditional offer of admission.

Confirmation Deadline: the deadline to accept your offer of admission. You may only accept one offer at one college in an application year. However, you may change your confirmation choice at any time as long as your confirmation deadline has not expired.

Missing Requirements: if your program status is Ineligible, you may click the Missing Requirement link under the program name to get information about your missing requirements.

Outstanding Admission Conditions: If your offer of admission is a Conditional Offer, you may click the Missing Requirement link under the program name to get information about the conditions of your offer.

Test Scores: completed international and Centennial College assessments and assessment scores. Assessment scores are valid for two years.

Can I confirm my offer of admission here?

You cannot use myApplication to confirm or turn down an offer of admission. You must log into your Ontariocolleges.ca account to confirm your offer. Centennial College‚ "In-house" applicants must return the tear-off form attached to your offer or visit Centennial College Admissions at Progress Campus by the confirmation deadline.

What is myCentennial?

myCentennial is a web-based tool for students to pay fees, register for courses, reserve lockers, apply for transfer credits and communicate with the college community via a secure email and college announcements.

Once you have confirmed an offer of admission at Centennial College, you will get access to myCentennial through the same secure login at the top of this page or at http://my.centennialcollege.ca. When you log in, you will see different pages and tabs, including a new myCentennial email channel and access to other college web services.

Pathway Checklist

Looking for what to do once you've submitted your application? Check out the Centennial College Pathway Checklist for more information on what you need to do from application to your first class.

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